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The internet loves you

Everything will be A OK.

It’s not easy to change what we’ve always done.

As our feet leave the floor every night for the last time we are all much the same: tired and wired, scared and courageous, content and restless.

To place your feet on the floor the next day and determine to do things differently is rare and to be admired. Because we can always do better but it will always mean swimming upstream.

To all the people who look after brands for a time and wake up determined to love the internet a little more I say thank you. And so does the internet.

You will be rewarded upstream of your problems.

Every day people are paying in kindness and receiving it back in kind. A comment, a thought, a song or video or picture. A new way to solve an old problem. And if your brand is willing to do the same. To pay in kindness it will also receive kindness.

A forum has ever existed for us to congregate in such large numbers with such a fine balance between corporate imperatives and consumer choice. Where subtle manipulations of recognisable dynamics can have such clear benefits to everybody.

But nobody at a brand ever got let go for recommending what was used last time. And so being risk averse by nature, it is easier to reap the small rewards with no risk than to go for the big prize with a brave heart.

But if you have courage today, speak to your people or ring up your agency and ask them to pay some extra kindness in to the internet. Just see what happens.

You just might be astounded. You might find your future. I’ll be there to pay you some kindness.


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