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They will smile and steal your ideas

The bad dudes are out there.

I learnt a hard lesson this week.

I’m no smarter than the next person but I’ve always been generous with my ideas. I like figuring things out and I like to talk them through with people who are interested (even those that aren’t – sorry).

A couple of years ago I got some advice which made a lot of sense to me:

“Give away everything you have.”

And this has worked well for me.

(Most) people like new ideas and like including people who will contribute. I have been involved with more people and work than if I had clutched everything I have to my chest and gave away little.

In advertising they say for every good idea you’ll need twenty or more. There’s plenty of demand for ideas of course.

But this week it it cut me hard.

Offering to help someone near to someone I know well I was more than free with advice, ideas and enthusiasm. They encouraged it. They asked for more. They gathered ideas and advice far and wide from many people.

I didn’t mind.

And despite being ready to work with someone else they wrung me dry one more time and took my ideas elsewhere. They may not even realise what they’ve done. I think they do.

But despite their appalling behaviour, their callous disregard for IP and effort and mutual connections I’ll still be putting my ideas out there.

For every cowboy operation with utter bastards at the helm there’s a great person, business or organisation that needs all the help they can get. And I’d love to help them out.

I’ll just be more careful who I’m sharing my ideas with.


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