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short bursts on things I thunk.

Just do it says Baba: What Yoga has taught me about doing.

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If you know me you know I do a bit of a yoga.

It’s a great way to reset each week and clear out the stuff and nonsense that clings to us.

Both physically and mentally.

The bloke who runs our studio, Rob, has beens studying yoga, meditation and other Eastern practices since the early 70s. He’s seen a bit and learnt from some great masters.

The one that seems to have left the greatest impression is ‘Baba’ Muktananda.

Baba led an ‘interesting’ life but did much to spread the teachings of yoga to the west. Thanks Baba.

One of the great things about Yoga practice is reaching a state of ease where you can si back from your thoughts and just be. You are in the moment and in control. Not being influenced unduly. Just doing.

I think this a great way to approach activity once you have a measure of understanding. Don’t second guess yourself all the time. Learn, practice and trust yourself to do well. Take in feedback and respond. But always stay easy with yourself and the situation.

Marketing and the rapid flow of events, information, data, people, followers and the like can leave all of us rubbing our chin and wondering what to do next. I think the best approach, and one Baba would support, is to do. Do and learn.

The best plan or strategy or idea means nothing if you do not do.

Trust yourself and that you will get it mostly right.




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