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Retailing and the death of mainstream culture


Doing some window shopping today it occurred to me that retail is struggling because it sells the artifacts of a culture that is in it’s death throes.

It used to be that the only way you could be involved in popular culture and wear it on your sleeve was to buy it in a store.

Now we just make it ourselves. WE make the culture and we make it online. Popular culture no longer drives consumption.

There is almost nothing new to be found in store that holds up a mirror to a traditional media culture in it’s last days.

Everything that is new is to be found through a screen or device that takes you to the most vibrant, enlightened and diverse macro-climate with millions of microclimates.

What you find, create and pass on is only limited by your imagination.

The sooner old business realises that not only has the internet brought fundamental shifts in how they do business but in what they do business the sooner they can find a role in the new culture and economy. But there might not even be a role for many of them anymore.


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