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The relevance of ‘big ideas’ to consumers

I have nothing against big advertising ideas per se.

I see heaps of great ones every year that resonate with people and can change markets.

Big stories on a big scale with big budgets to drive home the point.

But if a big idea is the context in the relationship between brand (or advertiser) and consumer – where’s the love?

There’s a notorious brand book out there with a cloying notion that “big ideas make you fall in love”.

But love is rarely instant and that superficial.

Love is the sum of many small deeds and moments that build to a climax and realisation that you/this/that are for me. I love this.

Looking at a few sites and small, simple ideas over the past weeks I’m more and more convinced that the future of brand equity (or love) is the sum of the small things you can do for your people.

Pimkie Color Forecast monitors colors worn in a given city and lets users check the ‘color forecast’ for that city on a given day. If wearing THE hue matters to you, this idea is fantastic. Smart fashion brands will provide more of this stuff…

The Nike Runners Mexico Auction by JWT is another simple idea that oozes charisma and is another in a long line of phygital ideas for Nike that get the brand so much love.

I couldn’t name one tagline from a Nike campaign in recent years, I have no idea what the big idea #makeitcount is supposed to mean to all of us in tangible terms but I reckon I’ve seen 4-5 of these types of ideas for Nike in the past couple of years that are a perfect partnership of product, person and promotion.

As the internet of things becomes more pervasive this decade I think we’ll see far more call for interesting and relevant ways to connect products and people that dispense with the need for large scale media campaigns and the big creative idea.

This is not the end for creative mind you, just an evolution in the application of creative thinking.

Pretty exciting if you ask me.


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  1. Phnmu says:

    The big idea has to stay. Whether something as simple as owning an emotion, or a state of mind. The big idea is the highway of the relationship between people and brands. Campaign executions in various media that feed into this are the lookouts, roadhouses and tourist attractions along the way. Without a big idea there is nothing to hold the different pieces of communication in a linear story.

    And of course, everyone loves a good story.

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